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Google drive

Looking for affordable cloud storage ? This storage device gives you 5GB of free storage in the cloud, so you can store all of your documents anywhere in the world.

Medguide India

Very good website and realy helpful for middle class and poor people. This is an adequate slap on those doctors face, who for their mean financial interest accompanied by unethical tie-up with the MRs unnecessarily prescribe over expensive drugs to patients who even can be treated by same composition low cost drugs.

Google Webmaster Tool

If you have created your own website and want to add it on google, use webmaster tool to register your website on google search engine.It is the best way to advertise yourself !!

Wireless Charging Technology

Using WiPower technology, you will be able to simultaneously charge a wide range of electronic devices such as your mobile phone, digital camera, power tools and more without having to plug in several chargers or precisely position electronic devices on a charging area.

Story behind 'qwerty'

The keys on a Qwerty keyboard are not arranged alphabetically because the creator of the Qwerty keyboard designed it where the most used keys were on the home row or within easy reach of the fingers. The least used letters, like Q, X, and Z, are put at the corners of the keyboard, where the fingers take the most effort to reach.

Memories of 2012

FDI in Retail

"FDI in multi-brand retail: A big question, Is India ready for it now ?"

End of an ERA

" 'Ratan tata' and 'Little master' Retires". !!! A big loss for corporate and cricket world.

Success story of india in London 2012 

"India's haul of six medals, including two silver and four bronze, is the country's best performance to date at the Olympic games."

US Presidential Election 2012

"President Barack Obama earned a second term after defeating Republican challenger Mitt Romney. America's first black president vowed to finish the job he started four years ago."

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